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Imagine the time you save with Google; that's what we've done with Indsite.

Indsite – The Most Powerful Site Selection Tool Ever Conceived

If Google had a site selection tool, it would look like Indsite®.

Imagine the time you save with Google in your everyday life. Its speed and efficiency are a marvel. That’s the kind of power we have built into Indsite, Colliers powerful site selection modeling tool designed for industrial users’ unique requirements.

What is Indsite?

Indsite scans critical business environment characteristics – nationwide – to identify the locations that meet all user-defined location criteria. It is driven by over 200 datasets that enable granular analyses and comparisons of labor availability and quality, operating costs, labor union risk, access to critical infrastructure, operational risk, and more – for every county in the country!

(Watch this 2-minute video to see how Indsite® brings value to industrial site selection.)

Speed and Complexity in One Solution

Incredibly complex site selection searches can be completed at record speed, with the results displayed instantly on Indsite’s map interface.

Here are two searches we recently completed for industrial companies:

SEARCH 1: Show me the locations in the United States that meet all of these conditions:

  • The median wage for CNC machine operators is less than $20/hour
  • No union elections involving the United Steelworkers since 2010
  • Power costs for industrial users average less than 7 cents per kWh
  • Within 75 miles of an intermodal ramp
  • Very low risk of tornados
  • Favorable commuting patterns for manufacturing workers
  • Low levels of drug usage
  • Within 15 miles of an interstate highway
  • Within 60 minutes of an international airport

SEARCH 2: Where should I focus my site search in the Southeast to get the following?:

  • A 450,000-500,000 square foot building with 30’ clear ceilings
  • No hurricane risk
  • No companies within 20 miles that are unionized by the Teamsters
  • At least two power providers to choose from
  • A large supply of workers earning less than $40,000 annually
  • Strong French language skills
  • Within 15 miles of a major engineering university
  • Effective property tax rates under $15 per thousand

Take it for a Drive

Business conditions dictate a fast, accurate and granular analysis of the most relevant data driving corporate site selection. Indsite is the best site selection solution available for manufacturers, distribution and e-commerce.

I know what you’re thinking… it’s too good to be true. Well, why don’t you take it for a test drive?

Click on this link, and we’ll grant you access to a demo version of Indsite.

Whether you are looking for locations with plenty of labor, low-cost operating environments, proximity to critical infrastructure and more, we always start with Indsite – and you can too.

To request a demo, contact us via email or call at 404-574-1040.